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Data is a key component of asset management, whoever controls your data, controls the accuracy of the information and your knowledge of your assets and subsequently controls the decision making process. Therefore why not use a trusted organization for this important responsibility, an organization with a long history of supporting Ontario municipalities: Ontario Good Roads Association



Did You know...

An Asset Management Plan is a Living Document

An asset management plan is a living document that must be updated on a regular basis. However, throughout the life of an asset management plan a municipality will face many challenges which include:

  1. New technologies and techniques may impact the timing of repair/rehabilitation/replacement strategies included in the plan;
  2. A need to overcome resistance to increasing taxes to pay the cost for repair/rehabilitation/replacement of infrastructure assets;
  3. Responding to changing customer expectations and/or increased demands for services; and
  4. Changing regulatory requirements from senior levels of government.

To address these challenges municipalities must be willing to ask of themselves a number of questions and be willing to follow up on these questions.

Below is a list of questions to determine if you are ready to implement your asset management plan.

1) What is the state of my infrastructure assets?

2) What is the required level of service?

3) Which assets are critical?

4) What are my assets lifecycle costs?

5) What is the best long term funding strategy?