Several resources are offered which includes: User Guides, Inventory Manuals and full time dedicated end user support. All designed to improve the end users experience with MDW.

MDW User Guides

MDW User Guides provide a plain text step by step walk through of all of the modules of MDW.

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Data Conversion Tool

The Data Conversion Tool (DCT) provides a process for bulk loading data from an existing Excel spreadsheet or Data Conversion Template into MDW.

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Data Conversion Templates

Data Conversion Templates enable end users to prepare their data for the initial bulk load to MDW using the DCT tool and for bulk loading annual updates.

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Inventory Manuals

To ensure accuracy of the data collected and stored in MDW, Inventory Manuals are provided which define each of the attributes of the master file and specify the accuracy of measurement for geometric attributes.

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Contact Us

Contact Brian Anderson for end user support
at 519-674-3360. .

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