The goal of the Lighthouse Initiative is to elevate the profile of MDW by providing support and services to MDW for the management of aggregated municipal data.

The Lighthouse Initiative is a consortium of like-minded public/ private organization which brings together municipalities with industry domain expertise. This partnership combines insight, innovation and domain expertise from multiple disciplines with business and industry knowledge.
The Lighthouse Initiative benefits municipalities by providing access to a broad range of cost effective expertise and third party solutions for the management of infrastructure data.
Through the partnership, municipalities can engage 3 types of partners:

Software Providers MDW / MIDS
Software providers offer solutions which integrate into the MDW product. These solutions offer enhanced functionality beyond input entry forms, dynamic queries, and individual location forms. These solutions empower the user to input, edit and update information associated to any infrastructure data table. Further Software providers may offer integration into, mobile, GIS, work order, asset management, visualization, inspections, and dynamic custom reports.

Professional Services Providers
Professional Services partners understand that the critical issues for project success are not in the technology but in the management. These organizations are domain experts in asset management requirements. The automation of major information systems represents significant change to long-standing processes; careful attention is given to the proper implementation to maximize return on investment.

Data Migration Service Providers
The single most important aspect of a successful project deployment is the quality of the data on which the information system is based. This includes all stored and referenced data including digital and paper maps, documents, photos, and databases. To ensure that all the data is captured and complete, an inventory of all available data including a combination of aerial photography, sewer maps, plans & profiles, paper and digital databases are evaluated. Infrastructure Data is digitized based on tolerance and hierarchy structure.