Data Conversion Templates


Municipal DataWorks also provides Data Conversion Templates. The templates are provided for most asset types and can assist you in preparing your inventory for transfer to MDW. Templates are available in a spreadsheet format which may be modified as needed to suit your data.

You may use the templates for data creation or if you have existing data, you can fit your data into the template format. Once you have your data ready, you have several options for loading the information into MDW. You can load the data yourself or contact Brian Anderson who may load the data on your behalf.


Bridge Template

Bridge with Elements Template

Culvert Template

Equipment Template

Hydrant Template

Manhole (Storm) Template

Manhole (Waste Water) Template

Road Section Template

Sewer Service (Storm) Template

Sewerline (Combined) Template

Sewerline (Storm) Template

Sewerline (Waste Water) Template

Vehicle Template

Water Junction Template

Water Service Template

Water Valve Template

Waterline Template